Behold: America’s Consumer

James Daitch

Butters Bakery, near the center of town.
But wait, is it Farmer in the Dell?
Breadwinners was its name before those owners sold it
I think,

But I do wonder why at there, really anywhere,
Bakeries never ever sell
Bread Bowls.
Why not?

Bakeries, in this country, typically have three things:
Bread and pastries and cake.
But why no Bread Bowls,
Are they only at Walmart?

By the way, I did google it
Bread Bowls are sold Walmart,
But when searching “Bread Bowls at Bakeries”
The first result was in San Francisco.

By god! Google obviously knows where I am,
Bay State Bakeries should be shown first.
But why are there no nearby bread bowls
Outside of Restaurants and Walmart?

Americans eat a lot of bread
And I’m sure the soup industry would love to get more soup sold.
A Bread Bowl would suit just fine for that.
I would certainly be happy to support Big Soup with small-business bread.


Come on Walpole, please,
Can our local bakery do better than Walmart?
Can’t imagine why they keep changing owners.
No Bread Bowls.


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