The Doctor is Out

James Daitch

Meet Doctor Martin Daitch.

May his corporeal presence regard your, image
As you share the sterile, senior home air.
Enjoy the brief conversation, and watch him turn on his pillow
To his constant companion, Turner Classic Movies.

Show him a face, and that should still connect to him,
But you must keep it on him or he’ll lose attention,
As he runs through the memories he can still bring forward
Of his life, of his wife.

His former wife, she was his love, his rival,
A fighter, a survivor.
I was too young and too far away from her
To recall her off of her bed, or off her final bed of rest.
But she never seemed to take it lying down.
She won herself 8 years, after declared dead in 6 months.

The Doctor too has persisted, but he has not fought.
Once, he had the honor of being the first face
For countless at they left the womb
At least he can still recognize a face, but we all still wait for the day
When he joins the survivor in rest.


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